During treatment, we welcome any questions you may have. We encourage you to become active in the recovery process. We are part of a team and communicate with your physician during treatment to ensure a well rounded approach to recovery!

Atlantic Rehab Physiotheraphy Saint John Interior Location
What happens the first visit?

 Please arrive a few minutes early the first day – there is some paperwork to fill out. Your first visit at Atlantic Rehab will be an assessment which will consist of a series of questions and tests specific to you in order to determine a clinical diagnosis. A diagnosis will help us to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment plans typically consist of pain relief methods, hands on treatment, exercises and education. This will be started the first day as well.

What should I wear?

At Atlantic Rehab it helps for us to have access to the injured area, so you may want to bring shorts if you have a leg injury, or females may want to wear a tank top for a neck or arm injury. We also have shorts and johnny shirts at the clinic for your convenience.

Atlantic Rehab Physiotheraphy Saint John Interior Location
What should I bring?

Please bring your Doctors Referral if you have one – you do not need a referral to see a physiotherapist, although some insurance companies require one – please check with your provider. Also bring along a list of your medications and any other reports you may have.

How often should I attend?

This can vary depending on your condition, but most clients come 3x/week for the first 2 weeks and then treatments become more spread out as you improve and transition to a home program. Throughout the course of treatment, we hope to give you the tools you need to manage your condition. These follow up appointments may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.